Our services

A ship that is so unique and beautiful as the CERVANTES SAAVEDRA must also offer a service that meets expectations and that is aimed at achieving the maximum satisfaction of those who travel on board. For this we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the different areas that we offer in our proposals: from training and teaching to the aspects directly related to the attention and detail in accommodation; from coordination and organisation of events to the cuisine and hospitality service offered on board. All this is combined and coordinated by a magnificent crew and with a customer experience ethos and a friendly and personal spirit that showcases all the ship’s possibilities.

Our services

  • Training courses

    The sea has a remarkable trait, it catalyses, accelerates and concentrates life experience, making it an ideal environment for training, education and learning, both of academic knowledge, virtues and values. Therefore, aspects such as responsibility, sense of duty, humility, discipline, cooperation, generosity, the transcendent meaning of life, or learning to navigate under all kinds of conditions and overcome difficulties, are also part of the educational experience aboard the CERVANTES SAAVEDRA. A unique and privileged setting, which we make available to schools and universities as an ideal complement to their academic programs.


  • Crossings

    Among the educational and participatory experiences that can be had on board, we offer the possibility of voyages focused on specific themes: history, regional and national cuisine, wine making and tasting, yoga and mindfulness … These are some of our proposals, but if you have any specific ideas, do not hesitate to tell us about them.


  • Charter (rental for private groups)

    With its overnight capacity (up to 30 – 32 passengers), almost one-of-its-kind in Spain, the CERVANTES SAAVEDRA can be chartered for custom private cruises, combining education and training with the most characteristic aspects of a recreational cruise: anchoring in coves, swimming, water skiing … A unique experience in the company of your group of friends, family, end-of-year trip, business incentives … Talk to us and request a specific proposal.

  • Summer camps

    We know that choosing a summer camp for your children is not easy. Issues such as the educational aspects, language learning or sports are usually among the main reasoning behind our decisions. And that is why our proposal includes all these aspects, a summer camp at sea on board a unique school ship, different and wide-ranging educational experiences combined with the practice of water sports and taught by native English-speaking instructors whose goal is not keeping the children busy for a few days, but educating through unique experiences.

  • Executive and company training / Team Building

    The fact of living in a relatively small space, and one very different to the one we are used to, predisposes people and makes them more receptive to the training given. This is combined with the possibility of sharing particularly gratifying experiences and emotional situations -such as enjoying a sunrise on the high seas and observing the sail-raising with the first light of day, which actively contribute to team building by forging emotional bonds, which in turn promote motivation, coordination and sense of belonging.

  • Private and Company Events

    One of the most important aspects when designing any event is the choice of space, since it definitely contributes to accentuating the unique character and importance of the occasion. In many cases, it will also boost the draw on the event and its visibility and impact. What we propose is to use the Cervantes Saavedra as a unique space for events, sales campaigns or celebrations, both moored at port (100 people maximum), and in day outings (up to 80 people maximum).