Thall Ships
"on watch" camp

Students will enjoy a trip on the schooner the Cervantes Saavedra through the waters Balearic Islands with an environmental and educational approach. They will learn from the experts all aspects of traditional sailing on a classic tall ship. All this training experience is complemented with activities, outings, cultural visits with which you will discover the Balearic Islands.



  • The camp may be of 4, 6, 10 and 15 days.
  • Dates: The booking period is open for the weeks of July and August, book your place here

What is learned over the course:

  • Each of the sea watches associated with each of the ship’s drills. They will take part in activities in each of the ship’s four departments: Bridge, machine room, deck and anchor.
  • Sailing knots
  • Sewing sails and knot work.
  • Safe handling of sails and rigging.
  • Using navigation charts.



Wake up


Stretching and gymnastics in two groups



Clearing up cabins and preparation for activities

Each Group to its manoeuvre


Watches at sea, Starting engine, raising anchor and taking out the sails

Group I Bow Drill

Group II Bridge Drill

Group III Stern Drill

Group IV Machine room Drill

Group V Bridge Drill




Rotating groups



Free time for swimming and leisure activities (on board we have canoes, snorkelling, paddle surfing and a marine laboratory)


Food, galley group clears up and free time


Afternoon snack


Drill or course

Leisure activities and games prepared by the crew


Dinner and free time

Screenings, astronomy class, fishing or night excursions


Navigation meeting and lights and lighthouse


Students in their cabins and anchor watch


The outings will be made to different historical centres, naval museums and military installations of the Spanish Navy.

  • The sailing times, timetables and places of anchorage are provisional and are subject to possible changes according to the sailing conditions and subject to the captain’s discretion, who, based on this, could delay the departure or bring forward the return.
  • Sailing experience is not required.
  • Suitable for children (recommended minimum age 8 years old).
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn on the deck of the boat (deck shoes or sneakers with a light-coloured sole. No heels).
  • Music can be played in the aft bar, as well as on the upper deck, as long as there are no drills happening at the time and respecting the rest of the crew and neighbouring ships in the coves.
  • Meals are self-service normally in two shifts.
  • Safety regulations must be observed at all times.


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Warm clothing
  • White sole decks shoes
  • Cap
  • Cotton t-shirts
  • Sweatshirt
  • Nautical or waterproof jacket
  • Aqua shoes
  • Shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun screen
  • Pareo
  • Sleeping bag to watch sunrises and watch projections on the sails
  • Exercise mat
  • Thick socks for deck nights
  • Navy blue beach towel

Bow drill: Bow drill, anchor winch, stowage, use of ropes and knots, hoisting and lowering of the jibs. Maintenance of devices and conservation of wood.

Bridge drill: Bridge Management System, voyage planning along with interpretation of the weather forecast, navigation devices and aids, VHF radio communications (World Relief System. DISSTTRES), chart positioning, filling in the navigation log, interpretation of the ARPA radar, and will also act as helmsman under the command of the captain and his officers.

Stern drill: Lifting and lowering of sails, classic sailing, interpretation of the part for classic sailing, safe manoeuvring, correct rigging and correct use of lines for the postural safety of the students and maintenance of the rigging.

Engine drill: Knowledge of the different components of the engine, annotations in the engine log of the correct operating parameters, maintenance and vision of the operation of equipment in general (batteries, valves, filters)

At anchor Helping with cleaning, correct use of products according to the type of wood and food preparation, presentation and arrangement of tables.

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  • The camp may be of 4, 6, 10 and 15 days.
  • Dates: The booking period is open for the weeks of July and August, book your place here